Since we have already received so many great gifts we would be happy if you made a donation to Seeds of Peace in honor of our wedding. Seeds of Peace is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to preparing teenagers from areas of global conflict with the leadership skills required to promote coexistence and peace. Joanne and Aaron actually met each other through a Seeds of Peace connection, our friend Mark Landsman. So, we would be happy if you helped us give something back to this excellent organization.

You can make your donation online (In the comment box at the bottom of the donation page, be sure to write that your gift is "in honor of the wedding of Joanne Nerenberg and Aaron Naparstek.")

Or you can send your gift directly to:
Seeds of Peace
370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 40
New York, NY 10017

Again, please be sure to note that your gift is in honor of our wedding so that we can send you proper acknowledgement.

Your gift to Seeds of Peace is tax deductible.